"Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me." Mark 9, Verse 37


The earthquake in January 2010 left over one million people homeless and more than 300,000 men, women and children dead. As a native of Haiti with family and friends living there, Milka Fong returned to Port au Prince to try and help. Her trip found her working in a hospital where children wandered aimlessly, confused and frightened by the devastation and the loss of what they knew of life. From this rubble of heartbreak, a quiet sound of angels’ voices emerged from Milka giving peace, security, love and hope to these young girls. From this devastation came the call to all to help bring new and better life to millions of people - and the proof this call has been heard is Angels’ Voice Orphanage.

Our Orphanage

The orphanage officially began operating in August, 2010 and is situated on about four acres of property owned by the family of Angels’ Voices Orphanage founder, Milka Fong. Angels' Voice Orphanage currently provides food, shelter and other necessities for 14 Haitian girls, ages five to eight, who have been orphaned or abandoned after the devastating earthquake. Today, the property houses five fulltime staff and 14 young girls; the goal is to have five additional dormitories to house and educate up to 60 young girls. Milka and her husband Richardson, who have adopted two young boys from Haiti, have donated their time, energy, property and all of their personal savings to get the orphanage started. Pastor David Martinez of Central Baptist Church in Quincy joined the Fongs' efforts to open the orphanage in Haiti.  Along their path Deacon Steve Buttrick of Immaculate Conception Church in Weymouth became their partner and helped toward building a stronger organizational structure for the Angels’ Voice Orphanage. The Board of Directors has grown to include a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary, and multiple members focused on developing strategies to insure financial growth that supports Angels' Voice Orphanage's vision and mission in Haiti.

Haitian Staff

This team of committed members works tirelessly to accomplish short term goals such as electricity, building maintenance, school tuition and monthly financial needs of the orphanage. For long term needs and vision, this same team perseveres in their efforts to grow the orphanage in Haiti through spreading the word, educating themselves on the resources available to them and their cause to secure funding that will create surety in the days ahead. There is nothing like this in Haiti – Angels’ Voice Orphanage will establish the standards the country will strive for to overcome the loss they have endured. With just a thought of saving a few, doing what they hoped could be done, the Fongs carry their message of faith and hope and commitment to the children of Haiti. The result in just one short year is that 14 young girls are safe and warm and fed and know they have reason to hope. They are going to school to learn and to grow into educated adults who know why we must all give back – give back to their homeland through leadership and hard work.

Wood M. Guano
General Representation in Haiti

Bernadette Andrice
Chief Operation Officer (COO in Haiti)